Pakistani Mehndi Hairstyles For Bridals In 2024-2025

Latest Pakistani mehndi hairstyles are always coveted by the bridals or sisters of wedding bride (Dulhan) or groom (dulha) not only in Pakistan but also in India and other Asian countries. Here are the best Pakistani bridal mehndi hairstyles with pictures. Check out these braided and pearls adorned hairstyles with flowers and pranda styles for bridals.

No bridal can resist any of these tremendous hairstyles. As you all know that Pakistan is the only country in Asia where there is a rapid change in fashion and style. So while searching through several websites, we have compiled the new wedding fashion trends that are not only trendy these days, but they are also attractive and unique enough to grab the attraction of people living in India, UAE, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

best mehndi hairstyles trend for wedding brides

In Pakistan, the mehndi night is considered to be the most exciting wedding ceremony on which special arrangements are made to spread the colors of happiness. Thus, here are the latest Pakistani mehndi hairstyles for long and short hair length. These days there are lots of ideas to style your wedding hairstyles according to the latest fashion trends in Pakistan. Check out new party hairstyles tutorial.

Bridal Mehndi Hairstyles In Pakistan

Following we have shown the best Pakistani mehndi hairstyles with images. Choose your beautiful hairstyle from the images shown below and stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, bridal hairstyles are easy and simple to achieve. If you are good at hairstyling then what are you waiting for? You don’t have to wait for the salon and waste your money in the expensive parlor, get ready by your own this time! Pick a unique hairstyle according to your hair length and texture.

TIP: Make sure to try the identical hairstyle several times before your big day.

This time you must have to show some creativity by your own and get ready yourself. On the other hand if you do not want to take the risk for your special day, then you may go to the best salon and ask them not to hide your natural looks. In Pakistan, the mehndi night is considered to be the most exciting wedding ceremony on which special arrangements are made to spread the colors of happiness. Wedding bride for mehndi night must look simple and adorable yet stylish.

Must Check Mehndi Designs For Hands

mehndi bridal hairstyles latest ideas 2016

Pakistani Mehndi Hairstyles With Flowers

Below we have shown the new styles of Pakistani mehndi hairstyles with flowers, pranda and shining pearls adorned in the hairstyles. Flowers decorated braided hairstyles are considered as a tradition in Pakistan.

Most of the time, wedding brides or the sisters of dulha or dulhan; choose to decorate their styles with Marigold flower (gainda ka phool) or Lavender flowers (motiya ka phool) and gajray (A gajra is a flower garland which women in Pakistan and India wear during festive occasions, weddings or as part of everyday traditional attire.

They are made usually of varies types of jasmine flowers but rose, crossandra and barleria are also widely used in gajras. It can be worn both on the bun and with the braid coiling.) which adds tremendous beauty not in Pakistani mehndi hairstyle but also in the overall appearance of bridal or the attendants of mehndi night function.

There are few major points about mehndi hairstyles with flowers for bridals, that every wedding bride or the sisters of groom or bridal, should keep the following important points in mind before getting ready for her mehndi function/ceremony:

  • Every wedding bride must have some idea about her face shape just in order to get the perfect hairstyle
  • Your hairstyle must be concordant with the bridal designer mehndi dresses
  • Decorate your long hair with the fresh flowers
  • If you have short hair length then you must attach paranda or hair extensions just in order to make your hair look longer and healthier, so that your hair can be styled easily and impressively.
  • Brides must avoid using artificial hair oil that talk through one’s hat and claims healthier and shinny hair growth.
  • For the bridal mehndi function, the side braided hairstyle is preferred as shown in the best Pakistani bridal mehndi hairstyles with  flowers and paranda pictures below.
  • After hairs tying, set your dupatta on  almost half of your head because it is not only according to the latest wedding trends but it also enhance the beauty of a Muslim wedding bride. See here best Arabic mehndi designs.

best bridal wedding mehndi day hairstyles 2016

This article is all about the latest Pakistani hairstyles for mehndi party night function or wedding ceremony. Mehndi function is one of the most vigorous day for the wedding bride along with the other wedding days such as Barat function and Walima function. Every wedding bride wants to stand out from the crowd because she knows that she is the essence of everyone’s attention. Thus, today we have gathered the best mehndi hairstyles along with other most important accessories such as bridal jewelry, shoes, makeup and of course the bridal dresses. Must check Pakistani mehndi dresses with price.

All of these best Pakistani mehndi hairstyles with paranda and flowers covers the following hairstyles:

  1. Super romantic side curls

best romantic curls hairstyle for mehndi day

2. Side braid hairstyle with flowers adorned

new flower adorned mehndi hairstyles for bridals mehndi hairstyle with flowers and paranda 2016 latest wedding trend of side flower braid in Pakistanbest side loose curls with flowers mehndi hairstylenew mehndi day hairstyle with flowers and dupatta

Pakistani Mehndi Hairstyles With Pranda

No mehndi hairstyle can go perfect without the Marigold flower (genda ka phool) or Lavender flowers (motiya ka phool) and gajray in the hairstyles for bridals or sisters of wedding bride or groom. Latest Pakistani mehndi hairstyles with paranda, is another tradition of Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh and other countries. It is because the gajray, flowers or shining pearls depicts the reflection of love, happiness and prosperity and definitely the flowers in your hairstyles will make you look dapper and dazzling in the mehndi function.

Check out the following hairstyles with pranda, flowers and pearls adorned.

Must Check Mehndi Hairstyles

side flower braid mehndi hairstylesbest mehndi hairstyle withe flowers braid latest flower side braid mehndi hairstyle trend in pakistan 2016 simple and easy flower braided mehndi hairstyle trend

3. Braid with adorned pearls hairstyle

latest pearl braid mehndi hairstyle in pakistan latest mehndi hairstyle with pearls for bridal

4. Flower adorned headband with simple side braid

new mehndi hairstyle with flower headband

5. Decorated side fishtail braid with flowers

latest wedding trend of side braid for mehndi hairstylelatest side fishtail mehndi hairstyle for bridal

Latest bridal hairstyle with side braid

6. Mehndi function updo hairstyles with pearls

wedding bride cute updo mehndi hairstyle in pakistan latest mehndi function hairstyles for wedding bride best hairstyle for bridal to wear on mehndi function

7. Simple and easy hairstyles for Asian wedding brides

latest side loose waves mehndi day hairstyle best bridal hairstyles in Pakistan new mehndi hairstyle for wedding brides 2016

Choose your favorite latest Pakistani mehndi hairstyles in 2024-2025 and make your special day even more gorgeous and splendid. Do let us know about your favorite hairstyle via comments below. If you find any difficulty, then feel free to contact us or comment below.

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