List Of Top Clothing Brands In Pakistan With Sale Updates

Top clothing brand sale in pakistan

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To save you from wasting too much time, money, or energy, we are here to discuss the famous Pakistani brands together with the latest clothing brand sale.

Updated List Of Sale On Brands In Pakistan 2022

Pakistani brand sale

While the mid-season is here, all the famous clothing brands in Pakistan – are going on a massive sales spree! Here you can see the details of Pakistani designer brands with the sale updates accordingly. You can avail the clearnace or mid-season sale discounts at flat 25% or up to 50% and enjoy the big savings.

Check out the complete Pakistani brands list below: (updated: 2nd July 2022)

01 Ideas By Gul Ahmed

Sale: Up to 70% off

02 Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY Studio)
03 Deepak Perwani

Sale: Up to 30% off

04 Nomi Ansari
05 Sana Safinaz

Sale: Up to 70% off

06 Ethnic By Outfitters

Sale: Flat 30% off

07 Nida Azwer 08 Khaadi

Sale: Up to 50% off

09 Bareeze

Sale: Up to 25% off

10 ChenOne

Sale: Up to 50% off

11 Edenrobe

Sale: Flat 25% off

12 Asim Jofa
13 Fahad Hussayn 14 Maria B

Sale: Up to 35% off

15 Zara Shahjahan 16 Umar Sayeed
17 Cross Stitch

Sale: Up to 40% off

18 Maheen Ali
19 Beechtree

Sale: Up to 50% off

20 Nishat Linen

Sale: Up to 30% off

21 Monark

Sale: Flat 30% off

22 Hang ten

Sale: Flat 25% and 50% off

23 Zahra Ahmad

Sale: Up to 50% off

24 Leisure Club

Sale: Up to 50% off

25 Kayseria

Sale: Flat 20% off

26 Almirah

Sale: Up to 50% off

27 By The Way

Sale: Flat 30% off

28 Firdous
29 Charcoal

Sale: Flat 20% and 30% off

30 Lulusar
31 Engine

Sale: Flat 50% off

32 Generation

Sale: Up to 50% off

33 Al Karam Studio

Sale: Up to 50% off

(start from 30th June)

34 Bonanza

Sale: Up to 20% off

35 Diners

Sale: Flat 40% off

36 Junaid Jamshed
37 Amir Adnan

Sale: Up to 50% off

38 Agha Noor
39 Sadaf Malaterre 40 Limelight

Sale: Up to 40% off

41 Suffuse 42 Ayesha Ibrahim
43 Zainab Chottani 44 FNKASIA (Huma Adnan)

Sale: Flat 50% off

45 Outfitters

Sale: Up to 51% off

46 Saira Rizwan
47 Breakout

Sale: Flat 30% off

48 Sapphire

Sale: Up to 70% off

Fashion is something which is the widest and one of the hottest discussed topics in the entire world. And why not? The dressing is the key thing that creates your mood, vibe, and presentation.

If we talk about this reign, almost everyone has a very specific taste in fashion and style. Most people know how they want to look, dress, and carry themselves exactly.

Pakistani fashion designers are here to aid people to find the most striking outfit, and for the noobs, educate them to carry themselves better.

Anyways, enough of talking, everyone in the Pakistan fashion industry is doing a remarkable job. They all come up with so attractive day-to-day outfits, luxury pret, ready-to-wear formal dresses, and accessories for every season. Here we are today with a list of fashion maestros in Pakistan.

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