Latest Lulusar Velvet Collection For Winter 2024-2025 | With Price

The most recent Lulusar Velvet collection for winter comes in a range of colours, styles, and sizes to fit every event, and they are made to make you feel your best in the cold winter season of 2024-25.

In this article, we have brought you the most modern and trendy Lulusar brand’s freshly launched velvet collection with price. We are all familiar with the name because Lulusar clothing brand focuses on independent women, teenage girls, and college or university-going girls, who need to dress up in a certain way to look classy, stylish and presentable.

Lulusar velvet dresses for women

Lulusar floral, mint green and brown velvet dresses

Lulusar Velvet Dresses With Price For Winter 2024-2025

As the breeze has already got chilly, it’s now time to tuck away the lawn and bring out some popping and cosy outfits in our wardrobes. Who heard it as “it’s shopping time”? A lot did. Fret not because this is why we are here, to keep exploring the internet and looking out what we have new in the market to get our hands on.

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The CEO of the Lulusar brand Azfar Hassan stands consistent in providing the most dignified clothing to modern women. Lulusar have several categories which we are listing down. The catalogue is undoubtedly extremely appealing.

  • Fall and winter tops for teenagers.
  • Classic velvet collection.
  • Jersey and capes.
  • Winter essentials. See also winter dresses in Pakistan
  • Long and short length Kurti and shirts.
Lulusar velvet Tohan top for winter

Tohan Top Rs.9,999

Latest Lulusar Velvet Collection 2024-2025 With Price

Velvet is never out of fashion,  and in the past few years, it has been experienced a lot. Velvet is a pure winter fabric; one can never go wrong by dressing in it. Especially if you are not so fond of layering and wearing uppers and all, velvet is the answer. Lulusar’s classic velvet collection is make you look classy and posh, as they have perfect designs to carry this cold winter season.

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As have been done by many brands, Lulusar collaborate with some influencers and celebrities and design certain outfits which is more of that person’s style statement. People love it as they love their styling sense. Like that, Lulusar has collaborated with Juggan Kazim, Anoushay Ashraf, and Durr e Fishan this season. Must follow the latest winter fashion trends in Pakistan

Lulusar green embellished velvet dress

Charteuse Green Embellished Velvet Set Rs 175,000

Lulusar velvet Shikar tunic for winter

Shikar Tunic Rs.6,999

Lulusar velvet Kalin top for women

Kalin Top Rs.8,499

Lulusar velvet dress Hurbai Long

Hurbai Long Dress

Lulusar velvet Dih color block top

Dih Color Block Top

Lulusar velvet Katozil long dress

Katozil Long Dress

Lulusa velvet Guro jacket for winter

Guro Jacket

Lulusar velvet Daleem top for girls

Daleem Top

Lulusar velvet Girwal jumpsuit for winter

Girwal Jumpsuit

Teenage girls are active and young, they like to dress up sharp and vividly, and they are more into pants, jeans, and tops kind of clothing in routine life. Not only because they are modern, but also comfortable. So Lulusar’s winter tops for teenage girls are a sassy range, perfect for our pretty teens. See more about ladies Pashmina shawls for winter

To give a bit of an Eastern touch to velevt collection, no wardrobe is complete without Eastern outfits, so for that touch, Lulusar has brought the exotic and chic range of long and short-length velvet dresses and tops to make you look all ethnic and modern at the same time.

As far as the collaborations are concerned, Lulusar is more about how these celebrities would have designed according to their personalities. We are attaching photos underneath to give you a glimpse into this awesome collection and we are sure you are going to love the latest Lulusar velvet collection for winter.

Lulusar velvet Ranul top for women

Ranul Top

Lulusar velvet Garakai jacket for winter

Garakai Jacket

Lulusar velvet Maniar blazer for winter

Maniar Blazer

Lulusar velvet Fizai long dress

Fizai Long

Lulusar velvet Aspan dress for winter

Aspan Dress

Lulusar Hazak Dress for winter

Hazak Dress

Lulusar Garan Top for winter

Garan Top

Lulusar velvet Torab shrug for winter

Torab Shrug

Lulusa Burio Jacket for women

Burio Jacket

Lulusar velvet Daril top for women

Daril Top

Fashion is a race, everyone wants to look different from others, style distinctive and stand out in a crowd. We should thank our Pakistani fashion designers and brands who work so hard and even when there are tons of entities in the field, still they manage to create unique designs and cuts every time they launch a new clothing collection.

Do tell us about your feedback and also feel free to say what would you like to see next on our platform.

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