Top 20 Girls Hairstyles For Eid 2024-2025 In Pakistan

Latest Eid hairstyles include braids, hair puff or poof, front hairstyles, and simple back-comb style that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. After the holy month of Ramadan, Eid festival is ahead and we are here with the easy hairstyles for Eid, which will make you look gorgeous within no time.

simple and easy eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls for long medium or short hair
On this special event, we can’t resist getting ourselves well dressed in an attractive Eid outfit and a perfect hairstyle. Thus, today we have decided to showcase the most beautiful hairstyles for front and back hair. These are super easy to do so that you can get these done by yourself, even if you are not good at it.

If you want to stay updated and adopt Pakistani celebrities’ vogue style, then you must follow the latest Eid fashion trends for girls that will put together your overall appearance. Check out the following beautiful girls hairstyles for Eid.

1. Three Strand Side Braid

Latest side braided hairstyle for eid

New Eid Hairstyles For Girls

Be the queen on this upcoming Eid festival by getting stylish from head to toe with any of these Eid special hairstyle ideas. After getting all dressed, make sure to spare some time for your hairstyle.

This article will help all the girls to get some tremendous ideas about a variety of hairstyles for long, short, or medium hair. Keep in mind that your hairstyle must be according to your face shape so that it won’t look tedious.

2. Straight Hair With Center Partition

Straight hair with center partition hairstyle

Best Suitable Hairstyles for Face Shape

3. Low Hair Bun and Side Swept Waves

Girls hairstyles for eid special day

Before you dig into the simple and easy hairstyles for Eid day – follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Prepare your hair (if they are wet, then use a hairdryer that will allow your hair to dry quickly).
  2. Make sure that you apply some amount of heat protector before you use a hair straighter or hair curler.
  3. Choose the style which is according to your face shape and that also complements your Eid dress.
  4. Practice at least 2 to 3 times your chosen hairstyle, before the special event. (You can try on your sister or friend).
  5. Before you get started to make don’t forget to have:
    1. Bobby pins
    2. Rubber band
    3. Hairstyling products (Hair curler or hair straighter)
    4. Heat protector
    5. Adornments (Pearls or flowers)
    6. A teasing comb
    7. A hairbrush

4. Loose Hair Curls

Loose waves hair curls with center partition for long hair length

5. Loose Hair Waves With Adorned Braided Style

stylish three strand braided hairstyle with pearls adorned eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls for long hair length

Cute Girls Hairstyles For Eid With Images

These new hairstyles can be easily done on every type of hair length whether your hair is the long, medium, or short length. Remember to pick style according to your hair type whether thick or thin hair. Hairstyling is super easy and fun to make! You just need to pay little attention in order to get much more from it. If you don’t have any idea, go to party hairstyles tutorial and you will find the step by step guide.

6. Cute Messy Side Braid

natural curly eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls with side braid

Eid special hairstyles now have become trendy, not only in Pakistan but all around the voguish world. Here is a well saying “Your hair defines your personality”. What if you are wearing a classy outfit, having a super glamorous makeup but terrible hair? Just because you didn’t spare any time to get it done? What is that for?

Now suppose if you have done your hair pretty well and just paid a little attention to it. Yeah, that can change your overall appearance in no time! That’s why we are here to help you.

7. Center Partition With Messy Hair

Center partition with loose front hairstyle for eid

8. Hair Curls With Side Puff Hairstyle

Side swept hairstyle with curls

9. Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

best fishtail eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls for long hair

10. Loose Curls With Front Hair Braided Style   

easy loose waves hairstyle for medium hair eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

11. Side Dutch Braided Style With Loose Beachy Waves

One sided braid with side swept hairstyle

12. Loose Twisted Hairstyle

cute twisted hair from front eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

13. Tight Twisted Hairstyle With Open Hair

Twisted hairstyle with open hair

14. Floral Hairstyle

amazing floral hairstyle with pearls adorned for medium hair length eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

15. Reverse Dutch Braid With Curls

best twisted and braided hairstyle with curls for medium hairstyle eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

16. Front Hair Dutch Braid With Curls

cute braided hairstyle with loose waves for medium hair eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

17. Tight Curls With Poof Hairstyle

best super tight curls with front hair puff for medium hair length eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

18. Low Ponytail

best side pony tail for medium hair length eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

19. Back Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

super trendy simple and easy fishtail braid for medium hair length eid hairstyles 2017 for pakistani girls

20. Hair Curls With Side Puff

Loose waves for long hair

This article must have helped you to get super gorgeous yet easy eid hairstyle ideas 2024-2025. Get inspired by these Pakistani celebrities’ or models’ hairstyles and pick your favorite one to grab the attention of everyone around. If you people find any difficulty while trying any of these styles then let us know via comments and we will try to help you.

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