16 Eid Mehndi Designs For Girls In 2021-2022 – Step By Step

Simple and easy Eid mehndi designs for hands

Do you love to apply easy mehndi designs on hands – at this upcoming Eid event? Here are the new patterns of simple yet attractive mehndi styles to decorate your hands. Choose your favorite one from the images shown below with step by step guide that will certainly leave everyone awe-inspiring.

So, get ready to try unique and easy mehndi styles because that will take minimum time to apply.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Eid 2021-2022

If you really want to add glamour to your Eid outfit, then you must have to try out the traditional mehndi designs that will surely enhance the charm of your overall appearance.

Don’t get the point with images? Watch a complete step by step video tutorial (at the end of the page) regarding “how to apply mehndi designs on hands”.

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Have you tried Pakistani mehndi style? Have you seen the most attractive mehndi design pictures that can influence everyone around you? Must go for the Pakistani mehndi designs and get inspired!

Best shaded mehndi design for Eid

New Eid Mehndi Designs For Front Hands

Show off your style on this upcoming Eid festival with unique and elegant designs. No one loves to apply the same old henna patterns every time. Now young girls see the world differently and try to excel by following the latest Eid fashion trends for girls in Pakistan.

In order to achieve beautiful mehndi designs, first of all, you need to practice some of the most important basic henna patterns such as swirls, peacock designs, flower buds, hearts, stars, fish, netting, paisley, check, floral art, crossed lines and so forth.

If you want to apply mehndi like a professional henna artist, practice the few designs on your hands, feet, arms, or try it even on a mirror!

Latest thick Eid mehndi designs for back hand

1. Selfsame Mehndi Style

If you are looking for a beautiful yet easy mehndi design to apply on your front hand side, then go for the selfsame henna pattern as shown below.

  • You need to apply the exact floral pattern until you cover your index finger.
  • Plus, you may add some swirls and lines to enhance attractiveness.

Easy and simple Eid mehndi design for front hand

2. Floral Leaf Pattern

Here comes the most elegant mehndi design!

  • Draw a flower with some leaves and do not forget to sprinkle the cute little dots and swirls to reflect the twinkles.
  • Apply mehndi to the most of your palm area and keep drawing out until you reach your index finger.
  • Leave the rest of your hand as it is and voila, you are done!

Easy floral leaf mehndi design for front hand

3. Vine Mehndi Design For Front And Backhand

Do you love the art that is close to nature? If yes, then the vine mehndi design is certainly for you! You may apply the same design on your front hand or backhand side.

  • Make sure to stick with the simple design for your index finger.
  • Do not fill in the petals and leaves but keep your focus on the thick outline.

Vine mehndi design for front and back hand

New Mehndi Designs For Backhand Side

If you want to grab the attention of everyone around you, then endeavor your best-loved and beautiful mehndi patterns for the backside of the hand. I have gathered the mesmerizing styles of mehndi designs for girls to apply on the backside of their hands and inspire all.

If you are a beginner, then make sure to choose the easiest one!

Sometimes it really looks awkward when you have no idea about how to apply henna and everything just goes messy and chaotic. Go for the following step by step images and you always have the option to alter the design according to your choice and ease.

Beautiful back hand mehndi design for Eid

4. Perennial Floral Mehndi Design

As its name shows, this floral mehndi design is enduring and continually recurring.

  • Draw a modest and beautiful pattern of flowers in line and make sure to add some hollow leaves all around the flowers to enhance the overall beauty of the design.
  • You may add glitter gel that matches your new Eid dress.

Easy floral Eid mehndi designs

5. Flower With Twinkles

Have a look at the following design! It may appear complicated but this design is just as easy as you desire.

  • Draw a significant flower along with filled leaves all around.
  • Apply almost the same henna pattern on all of your fingers and try for a unique style for the index finger.
  • The key point is to draw the elegant thin lines while incorporating big thick dots.

Easy flower with twinkles mehndi designs for Eid

6. Bunch Of Flowers

Get ready to try this unique combination of beautiful flowers and crossed lines mehndi design.

  • Start from your wrist by making a beautiful flower with hallow petals and leaves.
  • Draw a bunch of little identical flowers on the back of your hand.
  • Follow the pattern as shown below.

Bunch of flower mehndi designs for Eid

7. Thick Flower Mehndi Design

If you want to look refreshing during this hot summer season, then opt for the following thick and beautiful flowern mehndi design. This crafty pattern may look complex, but it is really very easy to achieve and require just a little effort and practice. Must give it a try at least two to three times and you can do the wonders. Rest assured.

  • Draw a beautiful big flower on the backside of your hand.
  • Make sure you are applying mehndi relatively dense in consistency so that the color of henna will be more appealing and you can enjoy it for a longer time period.

Beautiful flower mehndi designs for girls

8. Thick Arabic Mehndi Design

Do you love Arabic mehndi designs? Try out the following design and make sure it is thick enough to get better results. Thick leaves and swirls will make this design more captivating and eye-catching.

Latest thick Arabic mehndi designs for Eid

9. Bail Mehndi Design

Don’t you want to go into details? Do not fret at all! Check out the following pattern, it is as easy as you can see.

  • Make two immense floral patterns at the wrist.
  • Separate those flowers by drawing a thick line between them.
  • By making vortices and leaves, continue straight to your index finger.
  • To add an alluring beauty, you may create a design on your ring finger.

Simple Eid mehndi designs for girls

10. Rhythmic Twirls

This style is super easy to create. As its name shows, you have to make rhythmic twirls on the backside of your hand.

  • Keep it as simple as possible and follow the pattern as shown below.
  • Do not forget to make beautiful swirls and thick leaves on all of your fingers.

Easy back hand mehndi designs for Eid

11. Thick Flower And Leaves Mehndi Designs For Girls

Here comes one of the easiest and simple Pakistani mehndi designs. If you really want something unique but do not have enough skills and time to sit down and draw complex patterns, this is certainly for you.

  • Make a simple and cute flower in the center of the backside of your hand.
  • Create a leaf-pattern on your wrist, index finger, and middle finger.
  • For embellishment, you can make small-sized whirls around the one side of the flower.

Latest one flower mehndi designs for Eid

12. Shaded Mehndi Design

Check out the unique shaded mehndi design for girls.

  • The easiest way to achieve this shaded pattern is to create the outline first and then fill in the hallow areas of flower petals and leaves.
  • Create design only on the index finger to finish the look with elegance.

Latest shaded mehndi designs for girls

13. Blossom Mehndi Design For Eid

If you love to have a simple design for this Eid, do consider the following one that is super attractive and pleasingly adorable.

Easy flower mehndi designs for girls

14. Elegant Vortices Mehndi Style

  • The secret of this mehndi style is to draw an outline first, keep it neat and clean as it will enhance the overall charm.
  • This design is so easy to achieve if you will practice it several times before the Eid special day.

Easy Eid mehndi designs for back hand

15. Floral Mehndi Design With Crossed Lines

Here comes the another unique mehndi design for girls in Pakistan. Go simple yet voguish with the combination of this floral pattern and intersecting lines mehndi design.

  • Draw a beautiful floral pattern starting from your wrist and continue by covering your little finger.
  • The thicker the flower petals, the more this design will be captivating.
  • Create intersecting lines in a rectangular pattern as shown below and soon afterwards embellish the whole design so it will look pleasantly beautiful.

Best floral mehndi design for Eid

16. Fingers Mehndi Design

Do you want to keep your mehndi design simple yet artistic? Why not try out the easy finger mehndi designs? Let’s be unique and creative this time.

  • Draw a mixed pattern of thick and shaded mehndi style on the backside of your hand (as shown below).
  • It will also look nice and decent if you won’t add plenty of dots.

Easy Eid mehndi designs for fingers

Video Tutorial For How To Apply Mehndi Designs At Home

Are you still confused about how to apply mehndi design at home? I can understand the disarray!

For that reason, here I have got you the step by step guide. Practice makes a man perfect, you just need to choose your dearest mehndi design and practice the identical pattern several times. You will get the best result after a few tries!

Have a look at the easy and simple Arabic henna or mehndi design for hands!

Try the latest mehndi designs (as shown above with images for front and backhand side), and practice the identical henna patterns at least two to three times before the special Eid day.

I hope that you must have got some idea about henna designs for hands (front and backside of the hands). Pick your favorite one, try it out, and share your experience with me. Keep visiting www.fashioneven.com for more free mehndi designs and inspire everyone around you.


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