40+ Head Scarf, Head Wrap, Headband Styles For Girls In 2024-2025

If you are wondering to know about how do you wear a head wrap or a head scarf in your hair, then here you will be able to find different ways to tie your hair easily, in fact within less or no time!

To get you started, these hairstyles include a wide range of cute hairstyles such as ponytail tie hairstyle, bun swirl, turban style headband, head wrap headband, vintage head wrap style, knotted headband, scarf-headband, boho wrap headband, braided scarf style and classic headband hairstyles you can follow this season.

Let’s find out how to wear a head wrap headband in the below images.

Head scarf hairstyles for girls

Different Ways to Wear A Head Scarf, Head Wrap or A Headband

There are plenty of different ways you can use your head wrap or a scarf to make cute hairstyles for girls. As head scarf fashion is at its peak nowadays, I thought to put together some simple and easy head scarf headband hairstyle ideas. It’s one of the easiest and simplest way to quickly accessorize your outfit in minutes.

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If you want to change your look with style, get comfortable with any of the following headband hairstyle.

PRO TIP: Match the color scheme of head scarf with your handbag or shoes’ color and be the sunshine of the day.

Head wrap hairstyle ideas for girls

We are totally in love with the latest head scarf trend right now. Of course, it’s a cute recall fashion of 50’s and you will nail your look. So today, I’ve brought you attractive yet easy hairstyle with head scarf, wrap or a headband idea to win the heart of everyone around.

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Latest Headscarf or Heabdand Hairstyles Ideas For Girls

Head Scarves hairstyles have been trending for a while now and I guess they are here to stay for some time. If you love to spice up your routine outfit, it’s a great news to have a cute head scarf with you. You can add cool factor to your basic dressing by simply wrapping up a head scarf in your hair. So easy, so quick!

Head scarf headband style for girls

Ponytail Headband

Simple ponytails are one of my favorite hairstyle. But when wrapped with a head scarf, look much prettier and dazzlingly beautiful.

Ponytail head scarf hairstyle

Bun Swirl

If you are a bun lover (like me), go for any of these most beautiful bun swirl head scarf headband hairstyles. Super easy and fun to do!

  • Make a high hair bun, it could be messy as well.
  • Wrap the head scarf around the bun and knot it.
  • Ta-da! Here is new you!

Head scarf hair bun style

Knotted Headband

Knotted headband has been always trendy among young ladies. Nowadays you will find a wide range of ready made knotted headbands everywhere. You just need to grab one and put it in your hair while keeping the knot at the top of your head.

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Knotted headband hairstyle

Boho Wrap Headband

Such a nice and easy wrap style!

  • Take a head wrap and knot it at the nape of your neck.
  • You can leave one side of scarf as it is for voguish style.

Boho wrap style headband

Braided Scarf Style

Are you a braid lover? Here is what you will find interesting!

  • Get a nice silk head scarf and knot it at the base of your ponytail.
  • Make it as one of the three strands when you do your braid.
  • Knot it at the bottom and voila, you are done!

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Braid tie head scarf hairstyle

Vintage Headband Style

Do you want to tame your mane during the crazy windy winter season? Or if you are upset with the sharp sunlight during the hot summer season, This vintage glam wrap is for you. Super fun and excitingly amazing headband style that will make you look dazzling in no time. Again, if your hair is greasy, you always have this vintage wrap option with you.

PRO TIP: Sunglasses with this vintage headband hairstyle will add glamour to your overall apparel.

Vintage headband style

Turban Headband Style

Do you ever need to go out, but don’t have enough time to wash your hair? Having little dirty or greasy hair? No worries! Here I have come up with a perfect solution, That could be none other than a turban headband hairstyle! You could also use a dry shampoo, but that can only take you so far! So take your head scarf and knot it at the top of your head (as shown in the below image), and then tuck the ends underneath.

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Turban head scarf style

Bandana Scarf Style

Bandana scarf is used to tie around neck or head. You can wear it in different everyday styles such as knot it as a headband above or tie it around high messy hair bun.

Bandana headband hairstyle

It can be really fun to play with different styles of headband scarves. You can just pick up a nice scarf and wrap it practically for everyday life. For example, you can tie it around neck, knot it at the end of a ponytail, wrap around a handbag you are carrying, and of course in your hair.

Check out more headband or head scarf hairstyles as shown below with images.

Hair bun head scarf hairstyle Dutch braid head scarf hairstyle Floral headband for girls Headband hairstyle Vintage head wrap hairstyle Ponytail head wrap hairstyle Bandana hair headband Simple ponytail head scarf Classic ponytail head wrap Braided head scarf style Classic ponytail head wrap Red head scarf hairstyle Ponytail head scarf Full head cover vintage scarf style Simple headband hairstyle High bun hairstyle with scarf Half open hair head scarf Tiger print head wrap Three strand braid head scarf hairstyle Braid with head scarf hair bun with scarf ideas Bun with scarf hairstyle Simple black head scarf ponytail Red head scarf with braid hairstyle Braided head scarf style Vintage head scarf with sunglasses Green head scarf hairstyle Turban head scarf style Half up down head scarf hairstyle Side braid with head scarf Head scarf with sunglasses Braided hairstyle with scarf Brown head scarf style Silk head scarf hairstyle Head wrap with style Half open head scarf hairstyle

I hope you loved the head scarf hairstyles for girls. Comment below your favorite style and have fun.




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