Latest Sleeves Designs In Pakistan For 2019

Latest full three quarter and half sleeves designs in Pakistan for ladies

Beautiful sleeves designs in Pakistan

What do you think about the trendy and latest sleeves designs in Pakistan? Which sleeves length would you prefer to wear as a Pakistani lady? Is it long or full sleeves? Three quarter (3/4) sleeves? Or merely half sleeves? Do you know which one of above-mentioned sleeves length is going to be trendy this year of 2019? Well, read on and the answers shall be revealed shortly.

When it comes to the length of new sleeves designs for dresses in Pakistan, it may be classified into the following categories:

  1. Long or full sleeves
  2. Three-quarter or 3/4 sleeves
  3. Half sleeves

Thus, this article will cover the statement sleeves collection in terms of length. If you want to get inspired by the new styles of sleeves designs for kurti, suits, tops, shirts or dresses, then read this article till the end. Below you will find the plenty of formal, semi-formal, casual or lawn sleeves designs for your dresses.

Net and cuff sleeves designs in Pakistan

Net and cuff sleeves

New Sleeves Designs In Pakistan

Before we get started, ask yourself first; for how long statement sleeves are here to stay in Pakistan? Whether you should adopt the international runway trends for sleeves designs or just consider it as too frivolous to discuss in details?

While I have shared the latest trousers designs in Pakistan earlier, now here is the complete guide about the new sleeves designs for dresses in Pakistan that you should be wearing this year in 2019.

By and large, you will come upon the variety of beautiful sleeves designs in Pakistan that are full of attractive and mesmerising colour combinations. Some of these styles are rich with delicate embroidery while others will win the heart by the alluring pearls and stone embellishments.

Light blue 3/4 sleeves with pearls and bow

Light blue 3/4 sleeves with pearls and bow

Beautiful Sleeves Designs For Dresses In Pakistan

Wouldn’t you love an outfit with a dabble difference? And surely it could be the statement sleeves to grab the attention of everyone around. Today, I will be uncovering not only sleeves designs, but you will also be able to pick out your best-loved style along with the most suitable sleeves length (full, three quarter or half) for your kameez or kurti.

Latest sleeves styles in Pakistan:

  • Formal net sleeves designs
  • Cuff sleeves with bow
  • Patel sleeves
  • Bell sleeves
  • Sleeves with pearls
  • Bell sleeves with bowtie
  • Pleated sleeves
  • Slit sleeves
  • Peekaboo sleeves
  • Sleeves with buttons
  • Puffed sleeves
Cuff sleeves designs with bow and buttons

Cuff sleeves designs with bow and buttons

1. Full Sleeves Designs In Pakistan

First comes first! Do you love long sleeves? Yes, they are beautiful! But, what about the style? I reckon that you must have some ideas (regarding sleeves styles) going through your mind. Some of these designs are vintage-inspired that has emerged as a durable trend in recent months, while the rest of the designs are from the upcoming international fashion runways making their way to Pakistan.

Full sleeves (bazu or baju designs; in local languages) are considered as one of the most sophisticated sleeve lengths that could be attached to any casual top and shirt design and it is most appropriate either for long or short dresses.

Let’s go for the following images and choose your full sleeves designs for shalwar kameez, suit or kurti.

Formal net sleeves designs for shalwar kameez

Formal net sleeves designs

Beautiful sleeves designs in Pakistan

Beautiful sleeves designs

Bell sleeves designs for kurti

Bell sleeves designs

Latest full sleeves designs

Creative full sleeves

Bell sleeves with bowtie full sleeves designs in Pakistan

Bell sleeves with bowtie

Slit sleeves designs for dresses

Slit sleeves designs

2. Three Quarter Sleeves Designs In Pakistan

One of the easiest to wear and comfortable sleeves designs in Pakistan would be none other than these beautiful 3/4 sleeve styles. If you are confused about the length of your kurti or kameez, go for the three-quarter sleeves! To make it little more interesting, give some style to it (as shown in the following images).

Beautiful three quarter sleeves designs in Pakistan

Beautiful three quarter sleeves designs

White 3/4 sleeves designs for suits

White 3/4 sleeves designs for suits

Latest 3/4 peekaboo sleeves designs for kurti

3/4 Peekaboo sleeves designs for kurti

Off white 3/4 sleeves with buttons

Off-white 3/4 sleeves with buttons

3. Half Sleeves Designs In Pakistan

Are you looking for the latest half sleeves design for kurti or suits? Perfect! Here I have gathered some of the most beautiful styles that will certainly make you stand apart from the crowd. The best part about statement sleeve is that you can replicate all of them regradless of your dress format and design.

While we cannot deny the fact that some of the designs look better with western tops and others are prefered for Pakistani outfits. Half sleeves design cutting and stitching is comparitively easy than the rest of the two (mentioned earlier). You can find here the best sleeve designs for ladies suit, replicate it and be the sunshine of everyone’s eyes.

Let’s have a look at these beautiful half sleeves designs in Pakistan and get inspired!

Pakistani white half sleeves design for kurti

White pleated and net half sleeves

Beautiful peekaboo sleeves designs in Pakistan

Beautiful peekaboo sleeves designs

Latest puffed and bowtie half sleeves designs in Pakistan

Puffed and bowtie half sleeves designs

White slit and patel sleeves designs in Pakistan

White slit and patel sleeves designs

White patel half sleeves designs in Pakistan

White patel half sleeves designs

Styling Tips:

  1. Create some balance by wearing dramatic sleeves with skinny jeans.

  2. To make things a little more interesting,

  3. As the weather warms up, choose short sleeves instead of long.

  4. Don’t just focus on the sleeves – pick a shirt that is dramatic all over.

  5. Frocks (short or long): You may opt for the full bell sleeves style.

  6. Kameez (or kurti): 3/4 sleeves are prefered

  7. Saree blouse or choli: Go for the half sleeves designs.

Pakistani Sleeves Designs Video

Are you fagged out by scrolling the images? Why not just play a video of these beautiful sleeves styles in Pakistan? Get your hands on any of these styles and jump onto this bandwagon!

On the whole, you must go for those sleeves designs that are best suitable and compatible with your dress design. Ultimately, your focus must be the overall look of your apparel because it’s not merely about the shirt, trousers, or sleeves.

I hope that you must have got some inspirations from the above shown new sleeves design in Pakistan. You always have the option to play around with yourself and go for the most appropriate statement sleeves style.

If you have any query regarding this, or if I have missed any important point to be discussed here, feel free to contact me at or share your valuable thoughts in the comment box below.

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