Latest Peshawari Chappal Designs For Girls In 2024-2025

Latest peshawari chappal for girls

Yes, you read right, Peshawari chappal designs for ladies! As we know men peshawari chappals were ruling since forever, this is 2024-2025 and how women can resist from the special peshawari chappal styles? In some regions of south Asia, like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh are well aware of this special kind of footwear. It might be possible that they call it ‘kheri’, ‘saplai’, ‘Kolhapuri chappal’ ‘charsadda chappal’, ‘mojari’ or ‘jooti’.

Off white peshawari chappal designs in Pakistan

Ladies Peshawari Chappal Designs For 2024-2025

As it comes in low prices, people use to wear it not only on events like Eid, diwali, but also casually. Women these days experiment everything just to stand apart from the crowd. That’s why nowadays many of the Pakistani brands specifically Stylo and Metro shoes have introduced a wide range of attractive and vibrant Peshawari chappal designs for ladies.

Black peshawari chappal designs for girls

Light Purple Peshawari Chappal

If you want something ‘not too bold or heavy’ look, try out these beautiful printed sandals. Nothing can be best than this choice if made in Summer season. Ensemble it with a light purple top and white pants or trousers to finish the look.

Light purple peshawari chappal for women

Handmade Pink And Blue Kheri

Do you want something vibrant and attractive? Go for this handmade kheri style. Charismatic hues of these sandals will surely grab the attention of everyone around.

Red and blue peshawari chappal for girls in Pakistan

Multicolored Peshawari Chappal

Another vibrant pair of sandals are ready to hit the hearts. Well-painted and thoughtful shoe design will certainly be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Embroidered multicolored peshawari chappal for girls in Pakistan

Red And Skin Peshwari Chappal Design

If you want casual look, this red and skin Peshawari chappal design is for you! This kheri style will surely make you look dapper and most importantly, you can carry it in everyday life.

Red and green kohlapuri chappal for girls

Party Wear Black Shimmery Peshawari Chappal

Let’s get ready for the party wear black Peshawari sandals. Shimmer is giving it a dazzling look and allowing you to carry it on parties. Ensemble it with a black party wear short frock or dress to stay comfortable throughout the party night. If you want traditional yet modern trendy at the same time, go for any of these Peshawari chappals to glamorize your style.

If your outfit is more traditional then go for the fancy khussa shoes designs for girls.

Black shimmery Peshawari chappal for girls

Newspaper Inspired Peshwari Kheri

Newspaper inspired unique and elegant kheri design is another great piece of art. This design comes in a variety of colors such as orange, black, red and yellow. It is great for causal everyday life to inspire everyone around you with it’s unique artistic design. Carry it with same color of ladies handbag design and matching jewelry.

New Peshawari chappal for ladies

Yellow And Bluish Green Printed Sandals

These casual floral printed sandals are one of the most refreshing Peshwari chappal designs for girls to wear during Summer season. Carry these women shoes with a blend of yellow or light bluish green dress to enhance your beauty.

Yellow peshawari chappal in Pakistan

Bluish green color peshawari chappal designs for girls

Floral Printed Kheri Styles

These footwears are the master pieces of floral print. You can wear it with not-so-printed attire that will make you look more prominent and your sandal’s beauty won’t fade. Have a look on the following printed Peshawari chappal designs for girls.

Do you love khussa style instead? If you are a traditional follower, you must have to check out the latest casual khussa designs for girls.

Green peshawari chappal for ladiesLight blue peshawari chappal designs for girls

Multi color peshawari chappal design for ladies

Maroon Embroidered Peshwari Chappal Designs

Intricate embroidery design pattern on these sandals are the best choice to wear formally. Combine it with the matching outfit and off white jewelry pieces to enhance your beauty.
Embroidered peshawari chappal designs for girls Maroon peshawari chappal designs for girls

Casual Peshawari Chappal Designs For Girls

Now this is the time to glamorize your style with any of these traditional yet modern sandal designs. All of these Peshawari chappals have a unique and skillful design that comes in printed, plain or embroidered stuff. Material used for these sandals is of prime quality and infrangible.

Best peshawari chappal designs for girls Pink peshawari chappal design for ladiesMagenta and black peshawari chappal for girls

Semi-formal Skin Kohlapuri

Elegant design of this skin kohlapuri will surely grab the attention of people around you! Influence everyone with this super sophisticated and creative sandal style. The attractive color combinations will be suitable with any color of your outfit. Go for one of these Peshawari chappal designs for girls to shine throughout the day.
Skin peshawari chappal design for girls

Formal Orange Printed Shoes

Another decent addition to your outfit can be none other than this beautiful formal orange printed kheri style for girls. Unique and trendy, it comes in a variety of colors and print designs. We can say that these Peshawari chappal designs for girls are easy to wear, comfortable throughout the long day and voguish at the same time to make you look elegant.

Orange and pink peshawari chappal designs for girls

Sack-Inspired Ethnic Peshawari Chappal

Here is your chance to brighten up  your wardrobe essentials with the beautiful sack inspired red ethnic Peshawari chappal designs for girls. This chic footwear can be worn as either casually or semi-formally. Gracefully designed shoe straps are a great way to make yourself comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Red peshawari chappal for ladies

Above you have seen the latest Peshawari chappal designs for girls that are more than transitional yet stylish at the same time.

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