Christmas Party hairstyles Tutorials For Girls In 2023-24

Latest Christmas hair tutorials step by step for girls

In this article, you will know about the latest Christmas party hairstyles tutorials for 2023-24. Either you are a beginner or an expert hairstylist, you must know the variety of hairstyles for Christmas festive. Today you will be able to know about  the five different hairstyles step by step tutorials with images to make it on upcoming Christmas Eve holiday.

Check out the following Christmas party hairstyles tutorials step by step:

  • Dutch braid hairstyle
  • Hair bun tutorial
  • Tease hairstyle
  • Twist hairstyle

Latest Christmas Party Hairstyles Tutorials

Hey! What is the date today? Oh my! Did you said it’s almost the end of the year! Yes it is guys! And it’s time for plenty of celebrations and festival parties to enjoy with latest Christmas hair ideas. There are a lot coming our way such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween and many more pre and post Christmas parties. Because yes everyone wants a meetup which may be missed due to any reason, so cutting long story short, here are plenty of parties and events to attend in coming days, and the most important and grand one of them is Christmas.

Get your hands on the latest Christmas Eve fashion as the latest Christmas party hairstyles tutorials step by step with images.

Following are the latest Christmas hairstyles for black hair, brown hair, beige, ombre, and others.

Dutch braid step by step tutorial

Make your Holiday mornings and nights even much better by your up-to-date dressing and hairstyle! That’s why we have written a tremendous step by step tutorials guide for Christmas morning hairstyles. We all are living a hustle life. We have got so much workload that we hardly get time to go groceries and essential shopping. We sometimes are so busy that we prefer shopping or looking for something online. But when it comes to Christmas party hairstyles tutorials, we have included most sought after hairstyle ideas here.

We can’t change this but yes, we can definitely make things easier for you. This is our motive of being here on internet, to help and guide you guys out. So if you are thinking to make your Christmas party hairstyle by your own? No fear! This article is for you to learn step by step hairstyles in winter (probably Christmas season).

Either you are looking for high ponytails or low buns, we have got you covered!

Braid hair bun tutorial for Christmas


We know contouring in makeup has helped a lot for face shapes but still, when it comes to Christmas party hairstyles, you should always keep margin of your face shape for the safe side. we are teaching you some basic things that you can mix and create styles. Here are the step by step simple holiday hairstyles in 15 minutes! Make sure to follow each step and voila, you are done!

Hairstyle Tip: Slim and long faces, for these people parting is not so much of issue. But yeah, straight middle part can sometimes not look that good how you expect, but this usually depends on volume of hair and the hair do as well.
Check out the following hairstyles tutorials for Christmas!

Up hair bun tutorial for Christmas


Dutch braid is one of the most trendy Christmas party hairstyle tutorials! Take a small section of hair from middle and divide it into three parts. Start three-strand braiding inverse. With every step of braid, keep picking the strands from rest of the hair and braid them in, tie up when finished.

3D Dutch braid hairstyle step by step Easy diy dutch braid for Christmas for girls Dutch braid step by step for Christmas  Christmas dutch braid tutorial step by step


In order to achieve party hair bun, collect all hair up and tie them in a ponytail. Now roll the hair around the pony and secure the ends with several bobby pins. You can also use bun makers that are easily available in the market.

Go for the Christmas white henna designs for girls.

Christmas party hairstyles tutorials tip: If you have round face, sleek hair do’s and hair partitions (especially center parting) are not your things! You should always add up some volume or may be keep some hair on face to look good. It won’t only look nice but will also make your face to appear slimmer.

  Hair bun hairstyle step by step for girls Step by step hair bun for Christmas Hair bun step by step tutorial for Christmas


There are two ways to achieve Christmas party hair curls, one is of course to use a curling wand and the other one is using a straightener. Hair curling wand is simple! You have to roll your hair all over the tong rod and heat them up for at least 15-20 seconds depending on your curling wand heating range.

On the other hand, when it comes to the straightening iron, wrap your hair on one side of it once or twice and bring the iron downwards (like combing),  and the curls are done so. Also you can form a ring of a section of hair and heat it up in the iron.

Flat wrap hair curls step by step tutorial Spiral hair curls step by step tutorial Hair curls waves tutorial step by step Elegant hair curls tutorial step by step Hair curls tutorial for Christmas Christmas hair curls tutorial step by step


To tease up the hair, pick a section of hair and back comb it near the roots towards the scalp. Keep it light handed so that it doesn’t pluck the hair out and repeat it to the other sections. Always remember to leave the top section of hair unteased. So that when you comb them back to set, put that section on top thus it will look neat and perfectly made hump or volume.

Hair tease hair style step by step tutorial Hair tease step by step tutorial for Christmas Christmas hair tease style step by step Hair teasing tutorial step by step Hair teasing style step by step tutorial Hair tease tutorial step by step


Grab one section of your hair and twist them close towards roots, or twist them like French or Dutch braid hairstyle by minimizing the sections to two rather than three.

PRO TIP: If you have a square or a diamond shape face, more possibilities are all sides of hair partition will suit you. Even the sleek pull back hairstyle as well. But there is one thing that you have to consider and that is giving volume  to hair and keeping it sleek under the ear line. This will just ruin the look and would seem like something has been placed separately on your head. So give some volume on and under the ear line as well.

Go for the following Christmas party hairstyles tutorials!

Hair twist hair bun step by step Hair twist hairstyle tutorial step by step Hair twist step by step tutorial for Christmas Latest hair twist hairstyle step by step tutorial

This is done to add volume or form humps on hairstyles.

Now you can mix them all and create new hairstyles that you will learn from our photos attached with the post.


  • Always use heat protectants and make sure to use certified hair products to protect your hair from heat and damage.
  • You may need to use holding spray to hold up your hair do.
  • Wash your hair at least 4 hours before hairstyling.
  • Additional advice: Never part or tie your hair in one certain position through all your life. Keep changing the hairstyle and parting because it will not only protect your hair from damage and hair loss but also will make hairstyling easier for you. Being in a certain position, your hair will just set in that one particular position and will be too stubborn to hold themselves up in a hair style.
  • Always give one trial to the style you have planned to make on a particular event such as Christmas Eve.

Hair twist hairstyle step by step tutorial

How a girl can even think to celebrate Christmas Eve without having a nice Christmas outfit, eye-catching Christmas makeup ideas, easy Christmas nail designs, Christmas costumes for girls and perfect Christmas party hairstyles tutorials?

So you can get your dress, shoes and accessories in the last minute, do makeup off course everyone knows a cope away look that brought up their features.

So now there is a little face guide for easy party hairstyles for long hair, short hair and medium hair length.

As we see Christmas party hairstyles tutorials, what we actually do is to save a picture or tutorial of any hair style and then try it out on our hair that day. But sometimes it causes a mishap, that the style do not looks good on you or the second draw back is, we are not able to make it that way. Stop living in the hoax of whatever looks good on any model will look that way on you! Everyone has their own face cut, their own features.

Also those models even do not look like themselves the way they look in magazines or on screens. So convince yourself on that first. Then look out for what you like and how can you make it, goes all perfect on your face. And trust us when we say it, that there is always a way to mold things your own way. To make them work with you particular personality.

We hope that you must have liked all the above shown Christmas holiday hairstyle tutorials with images! Try anyone of them and give us your feedback about how it turned out!

Above you have seen the latest Christmas party hairstyles tutorials. So we guess you are all ready for the Christmas Holiday, enjoy the party!

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