Latest Mehndi Kurta Designs For Grooms In 2018

Green white and brown mehndi kurta designs for grooms

Groom mehndi kurta designs are one of the most coveted wedding outfit not only in Pakistan but also in India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. Groom (dulha) loves to wear kurta pajama, sherwani trousers or shalwar kameez (either with or without waistcoat) on his big ceremony of mehndi function.

Latest designs of mehndi shalwar kameez comes in attractive hues, sophisticated patterns and well-cut silhouettes that will ultimately draw the attention of everyone around. According to the latest fashion trends, I have categorized these mehndi kurta designs on the basis of color combinations as following:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Green, yellow and brown
  4. Mehndi kurta with waistcoat designs

What is kurta pajama?

“The kurta is a loose garment with length varying from knee to calf level. They are available in different stitching styles and color combinations. It includes Nehru kurta (straight cut) and Kalidar kurta (which has two side panels that is kalis attached to the central panel on both front and back side).

Mehndi kurta designs either have round neckline or band collar with a placket. Specifically as a groom, you may wear heavily embroidered or embellished kurta with straight pantaloons, dhoti shalwar or churidar pajama.

Check into the following image of mehndi kurta style for men in Pakistan and consider the sober color combinations that are going to be trendy throughout the year 2018.

Latest green white black and brown mehndi kurta designs

Latest Mehndi Kurta Designs For Men In 2018

Men mehndi kurta designs and stitching styles have a subtle appeal that fascinates the onlooker. Attractive color combinations, use of prime quality fabric, artistic embellishments and most importantly, superb stitching style makes all of these groom mehndi dresses unique and classy formal wear.

There are plenty of outfit ideas available on internet about mehndi kurta styles for men that may confuse you while making the final selection. Do not fret at all! I have cracked the tough nut for you and brought you something extremely sophisticated and elegant mehndi dress collection for groom in Pakistan.

Either you are the groom or brother, cousin or just a friend of groom, you may choose any of your favorite mehndi kurta shalwar designs (show below with images) because they are equally suitable for everyone.

NOTE: If you are the groom, you may accessorize yourself with extra ensembles such as matching shawl (also known as dupatta or stole).

Latest black mehndi kurta designs with shawl

Additional Tip:

Bulky and thick fabrics must be avoided as it will make you look healthier and heavy. One should go in for silk and silk blends for formal wear.


Are you looking for a sherwani instead? If you are a sherwani lover and you want to wear more stylish yet conventional sherwani then do not miss to check out the latest wedding sherwani designs for mehndi.

Best Mehndi Kurta Designs With Images

Following I have shown the latest collection of mehndi kurta designs for grooms. You will be able to see kurta images on the basis of most sought after color scheme such as black, white, green, brown and yellow. Would you like to wear waistcoat as well? Do not worry! You will see the latest collection of mehndi kurta with waistcoat designs just in a minute.

Now, let’s find out what stitching style and color combinations of mehndi dresses will help you to attract the attention of everyone around on your big mehndi ceremony function.

1. Black kurta pajama styles

Black mehndi kurta designs typically comes with golden embellishments and significant embroidery. You can wear embellished black kurta pajama with golden dupatta or patka (which is also known as stole). Wearing it with golden khussa will ultimately enhance the beauty of your overall apparel.

Black color is always known as the best suitable color for all wedding occasions. It doesn’t matter which city you belongs to, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan or Sialkot, you will find black kurta shalwar always in vogue.

Have a look on the following images of mehndi kurta for groom.

Shahid Afridi in black mehndi kurta designs with brown stole for grooms Simple black mehndi kurta designs for groomsBest mehndi kurta designs in black color for groom Latest black embroidered kurta designs for groomBlack embroidered kurta designs for grooms Latest black kurta pajama for mehndi function

2. White shalwar kameez designs

Pakistani dulha mehndi dress in white color always look terrific when perfectly styled with Peshawari chappal (also known as kheri or sandals) and fashionable waistcoat designs. Pick out your most desired mehndi kurta style for men and influence everyone around.

TIP: Pairing up embellished white mehndi kurta designs with golden or yellow dupatta will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s dive into the latest collection of white kurta designs.

White kurta designs for menSimple white mehndi kurta designs for groom New style white kurta designs


Are you confused about your hairstyling?

There is no need to worry about!

Have a look on these groom hairstyles for mehndi that will go perfect if styled with any of these mehndi kurta designs.

3. Green, yellow and brown kurta designs

All of these three super attractive colors (green, yellow and brown) are synonym with the mehndi ceremony. Intricate embroidery on shoulders, front or back of kurta will assuredly look ravishing and tremendous. Go sober yet stylish with any of the following mehndi kurta designs. Another way to sparkle the charm of mehndi night, you may opt for silk fabric instead.

Following I have shown not only kurta pajama but also kurta dhoti shalwar and kameez shalwar designs that will make you stand apart from crowd.

Scroll down to check out the new styles of mehndi dress for men.

Latest green mehndi shalwar kameez for men Latest brown mehndi kurta shalwar for grooms Best green kurta with white shalwar for groom Latest yellow kurta with dhoti shalwar for groom Latest green and white kurta pajama for grooms

4. Men mehndi kurta with waistcoat designs

Here comes the most sought after mehndi kurta designs with waistcoat! If you want to add some vogue in your super conventional mehndi kurta dress design, then make sure to wear waistcoat as well. You will certainly draw eye of everyone! Rest assured.

Following I have shown different styles of waistcoats that you can wear with any color of kurta shalwar kameez such as black, white, green and so forth.

Let’s dive into the latest mehndi kurta with waistcoat designs!

Black mehndi kurta designs with waistcoat Latest white kurta with green waistcoat for groom Latest white mehndi kurta designs with purple waistcoat for grooms Latest black and white kurta pajama with waistcoat for grooms in Pakistan Best white kurta with yellow waistcoat Latest mehndi green kurta with red long jacket for groom


  • If you choose to wear waistcoat as well, then do not forget to have a pocket square.
  • As a groom, you will be the center of attention throughout the ceremony; thus you must not forget to properly accessorize yourself. Get a wrist watch or bracelet to add significant touch of royal and fancy taste.


Are you aware of new short sherwani styles? If yes then well and good, but if not; then must check out these short sherwani  designs before you buy a mehndi kurta for you.


There are certain important tips that every groom must know before he purchase a mehndi kurta designs.

1. If you have an athlete body type, then make sure to wear a kalidar kurta. It will suit your body type as it can easily accommodate the broad shoulder and chest.

2. If you are tall and thin, then you must opt for straight cut kurta because it adds to the body girth visually and the collar covers the long neck.


Do you have got any idea about which shoe style will go best with mehndi kurta? If not, then do not fret at all, FashionEven has got every solution for your fashion and style problems!

Must check out these latest wedding khussa designs that will certainly grab the attention of everyone around. You may wear these traditional wedding khussa with either sherwani or kurta pajama.

Mehndi Kurta Fashion Designers

Numerous wedding fashion designers are working day and night to introduce unique fashion trends and spread words of style and vogue with innovative kurta designs. I express my deep appreciation to all of them, because of their artistic skills and creativity, we are able to discover ourselves with something classy and modish.

Most of the designers are providing their services not only within the boundaries of Pakistan but they have reached the international markets as well. This collection is truly the synergistic product of a team of designers. Without their tireless, wholehearted. and unique contributions, it never would have come about.

In all,
Latest collection of mehndi kurta designs is full of attractive and captivating colors. Choose your favorite kurta shalwar kameez designs and grab it from your nearest outlet.

If you are wondering to know about the prices of any of these kurtas for mehndi function, then feel free to leave your comment below or make sure to contact me via contact form. I am passionate to introduce latest fashion trends, thus I love to reply each and every query as soon as possible.

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