New Mehndi Designs For Girls And Boys In 2018

New styles mehndi designs 2017 for girls and boys

Mehndi or henna application on hands (front or back hands), arms, wrists, neckbone, feet, legs or even on back, is the one of the old traditions of Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia and so on. Nowadays this tradition is being followed in other European countries as well as a white henna or tattoo designs. Any special event such as wedding ceremonies, parties or any traditional get together is being considered as incomplete without the application of henna or mehndi designs.

Latest Mehndi Designs For Girls And Boys

Latest mehndi designs includes a variety of beautiful mehandi patterns and styles such as floral mehndi designs, peacock mehndi, leaf or petal mehndi styles, circular mehndi styles, dotted mehndi, asymmetrical or criss cross mehndi style. Some of these mehndi designs are for full hands, that seems complicated and somehow they may seem difficult to draw (but actually they are not), while others are as easy as only to glance at mehndi style.

This article contains two major categories about new mehndi designs for:

  1. Girls, and
  2. Boys.

Today we are here to show you the most beautiful and latest mehndi designs for ladies and young men as well.

Most of the mehndi designs comes from different regions such as Arabic mehndi styles, Indian mehndi designs, Turkish mehndi and Pakistani mehndi designs to apply them as casually or apply in wedding ceremonies as bridal or groom mehndi designs. More or less of these henna patterns are full of decency and drab, while the others are made with the use of various decorations and embellishments such as pearls, glitters, shimmer and shaded mehndi designs.

First of all we will discuss about the best mehndi designs for girls.

New Style Mehndi Designs For Girls In 2018

Here we have come up with the various mehndi styles and patterns altogether. You can pick your favorite mehndi designs for girls, from the table show below or you can scroll down to know about little details on each of these mehndi design patterns for girls. You can apply any of these mehndi designs on several occasions and that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

New styles mehndi designs 2017 for girls

If you are not an expert then don’t fret at all!

Here are the most simple and easy mehndi designs as well. What you need to do is just to select the most easy mehndi pattern, keep practicing two to three times identical mehndi styles until you get the desired result, and that’s it! Yes this is as easy as I have told you. No one is professional from birth, you have to give try to these mehndi designs and soon you will be able to apply mehndi as a pro.

Must check out the mehndi designs for girls:

1. Pakistani Mehndi Designs

different mehndi styles of front hand and back hand simple Pakistani mehndi designs 2017 for eid

Simple Pakistani mehndi designs are one of the enormously artistic way to enhance the resplendency of the Pakistani girls either young women or a teenagers. Easy mehndi designs for hands and feet are rudimentarily the tradition of Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia and others) but now these remarkable skills have got much popularity in Saudi Arabia and even in the Europe countries as well. For more Pakistani mehndi designs

2. Fingers Mehndi Designs

best simple and easy latest finger mehndi designs 2017 new styles

Check out the latest finger mehndi designs that will appeal to everyone. This article will help you not only to follow the latest trend of applying finger mehndi designs for hands and on the toes but you will also get the new ideas for plenty of various techniques to apply the best styles for henna designs  for fingers. For more Fingers Mehndi Designs

3. Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs

Easy and simple gol tikka mehndi designs 2017 for front and back hands

One of the most elegant and evergreen style of mehndi design is none other than the “Gol tikka mehndi designs” for girls. Simple gol mehndi designs for hands, are transmuting into new styles, embellishments and mehndi decorations. For more gol tikka mehndi designs

4. Best Arabic Mehndi Designs

latest easy arabic mehndi designs 2017 2018 for hands and feet

If there is an event of EID or any other special occasion in Pakistan or India, then most of the girls choose the new Arabic mehndi designs for hands and feet. It is because everyone knows that in 2018 and 2019, there is going to be a rising fashion trend of Arabic mehndi styles. The beautiful new patterns, thick mehndi designs and artistically made styles, stand apart these Arabic mehndi designs from others and that ultimately attracts everyone. For more best Arabic mehndi designs.

5. Christmas White Henna Designs

beautiful christmas white henna tattoos, latest mehndi design trends 2017

White Mehndi design is becoming much popular these days and that is very pleasing to the eyes in the event of Christmas and wedding trends of Western World such as Europe, America, Canada and so on. Have a look at our new styles of white henna design for Christmas eve that is easy to do mehndi application. For more Christmas white henna designs.

6. Best Bridal Mehndi Designs

best bridal mehndi designs 2017 2018 for full hands feet and arms

Here are the latest bridal mehndi designs in Pakistan and India. Nowadays, the henna application has become the integral part of any wedding ceremony. No Indian or Pakistani bridal can resist applying the best bridal mehndi designs not only mehndi designs for full hands front and back, but also on arms, feet, back or even neck beauty bone. For more best bridal mehndi designs.

Latest Mehndi Designs For Boys In 2018

Some of these mehndi designs may seem complicated to men or young boys, but these are actually not that much perplexed. Boys can apply any of these simple and easy mehndi designs by their own, or the can have someone else to do it for them. You can apply mehndi designs on wedding ceremonies, as a groom or a brother or friend of groom or any other traditional occasions.

New styles mehndi designs 2017 for boys

Choose one of most simple and easy mehndi style from the collection provided below and be the trendsetter for others in 2018. Have a look on the latest mehndi designs for men or young boys.

Must check out the mehndi designs for boys:


Mehandi designs for men


Mehndi designs for groom


Mehandi designs for boys

1. Mehandi Designs For Men

best asymmetric mehndi designs for men 2017

Nowadays, mehndi designs are going to be the popular henna tattoos for gents or males as well, not only in Indian or Pakistan, but also all over the world. In this article our focus will be on the latest fashion trend of mehandi designs for males or gents with new mehndi design images. For more mehandi designs for men

2. Mehndi Designs For Groom

new styles of mehndi designs for men 2017 for front and back hands

Mehndi designs for grooms in 2018 is being mostly sought after by almost every dulha or groom in Asian countries such as India and Pakistan. In this article we have gathered the latest and new styles of groom mehndi designs for you. If you are the groom or the cousin or brother of the groom, then you have arrived to the right place where you can find the mehndi designs for groom hands. For more mehndi designs for groom

3. Mehandi Designs For Boys

Simple mehndi designs for boys hands 2017

It’s time to choose your favorite mehandi tattoo from the collection of simple mehndi designs for boys hands are shown here with images. For more mehandi designs for boys.